Reverse Basket App Reviews

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Great game lots of FUN FUN FUN


apparently there was an update where you added more stuff and i updated it and nothing happened

To many ads

To many ads and it closes the app up while I'm playing


Love it always competing with hubby to see who can get the highest score 😂❤️

5 stars


Gavin Keoboupha (<—sub to my channel!!!)

This game is very fun and very addicting, but the only problem are how ads are on every single time you lose, which I don’t mind but it goes for a maximum of 30 secs!!! Like ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

Paid for premium

Paid for premium and still have tons of adds , not happy , basically threw my money away on purchase . Every time I miss the basket, it goes to an add. :( one star. Love the game , hate the adds


This game is fun if you like to see different games pop up on ads every 5 seconds


I don’t recommend downloading this app. It’s a fun game but it’s next to impossible to be able to actually play it considering ads pop up in the middle of you playing and make you die.



Please add sound!

Very fun game just annoys me that there is no noise! Sound makes any game so much more enjoyable! With sound effects it’s definitely a 5 star game!


Why is there so many ads!! Every time you lose you have to watch a ad! At make it every other lost or something.

Love it

I love playing this game and it’s also very addictive !

No sound

Cool game but could be better with sound

I liked it but..

I love this game its so addicting but i dont like the fact that missing to pick up the star make you lose, its not that fun


It's fun and easy. And it's so addicting. I'm surprise I'm not playing right now, cause I can't stop playing this game. My little sister loves it,too. I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!! It's just... WOW!!!!

Awesome game

This game provides the simplicity I like with that addiction factor. It continues to push me to outscore myself and is fun to play for a time passer. Thanks for the app guys


It’s really a good game to kill time plus you can also compete with friends on high scores

try 0 stars!

There are way to many ads. I don’t mind seeing an ad every now and then. But an ad after every game gets annoying. Perhaps you made it that way so you could get money out of people who just want to play the game?? If you miss a star going through the basket, it shouldn’t count against you and make you start all over. Only the basketballs should count.

Stars Shouldn’t Kill

I love the game!!! I would give it a 5 except I don’t like that if you don’t catch a star you lose. That doesn’t make sense since a Star is a price

Very fun and addictive

I have played many games in the past but this game just keeps me hooked i love this game.

Not a bad game, however...

Not a bad game, however, it’s a pain seeing ads every time you lose. I downloaded it and deleted it in all of about five minutes. It was entertaining initially, but that is why I gave a it a neutral review. Thanks.

I’m addicted!

I saw my 11 year old son playing this game and asked him to put it on my phone. I haven’t put it down all day. I’m addicted! Love the game.


Don’t get his app it’s trash. Hence the 5 star 😂

Simple but entertaining

I like it. Simple concept, entertaining.

Mark Hurst

I actually really love the game guys keep up the good work


I’m already obsessed with this game. the only downside is almost every time you die, an add pops up. other than that, i highly recommend this game!

Great Game but gets repetitive

Great game, but sometimes it gets a little bit repetitive. I suggest you add modes or like levels


Fun game. A little annoyed with the amount of ads but the actual gameplay is enjoyable and the game is well built.

Really good game

I like this game but it jumps me to my home screen sometimes so that is really irritating but overall it's a really good app.

Great time killer

Love this game


The developers of this game should be arrested for making this game an addiction in my life

So much fun

This the most funniest game you can ever play


You know how that one person or thing can just kill it all for you? Well, this is what the ads will do to you. They’ll just straight kill off your mood to want to play this game. I think they do this to force people to buy it. The old bait and switch move.


This game is great but I only have a problem with the ads

Good Game But...

This game is a very good one and it is very easy to get addicted to it. There is one hint that is really bothering me tho. I don’t understand why the stars make you lose when you pick them up. They unlock things for you so they are like coins. And coins don’t usually kill you when you miss them. Plz change this it is really starting to get on my nerves.

Too many ads

The game is great but there are just way too many ads. Even worse they happen when you are actually playing so I suggest making them happen every other time you lose. Otherwise great game👍👌

How do I restore purchase

I bought the stupid no ads and I press restore purchase and nothing happens. Help

Too much Ads


Reverse Basketball🏀

This game is extremely fun and addictive!!!!!! I love it😍😍😍😍😍

Jonathan Appling

I play this game for hours can’t stop

Loving this App

Awesome 🧐🧐🧐😎😎😎🤩🤩😎

Too many ads.

I really like the game, but there are entirely way too many ads. Some of the ads are 30 secs long when the game may have lasted only 10 secs. Other than that, the game is quite fun.


ᴛʜɪs ɢᴀᴍᴇ ɪs sᴏ ᴀᴅᴅɪᴄᴛɪɴɢ ᴀɴᴅ sᴏ ғᴜɴ!!


It's always crashing and there's too many ads ☹️😥 change that and I'll write 5️⃣ stars

Love it

Love playing this and trying to beat my friends records. Currently have 866 with a 27 in a row record.



Not worth it

Decent game would would be better if there wasn't ads every time I miss the basket I understand thats how they make money but thats ridiculous I deleted the app wont ever play this crap again!

Fun game, but needs tweaks

There are TOO MANY ads. Make the ads only pop up every other time you lose, or something like that. Also, the way the balls launch is broken. Sometimes its nearly impossible at the beginning. Sometimes its super easy. The progression of difficulty should be a lot smoother. It should start out super easy and slowly get harder and harder.

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